Don’t leave me out of Tongue Tied…

"In one day, we had 50 actors on stage, 800 background (extras), and we did 100 different shots on that day,” he recalled. “There was certainly no intention to exclude everybody. There are just times where we have to remind ourselves it’s a television show and we have to make it in eight days… It becomes almost an impossible task to service them all. It’s never an exclusionary moment. Every episode, you disappoint somebody. Where’s so-and-so?’ They’re coming next week. We’re cognizant of being equal opportunity: offending, and representing… Overall, as an aggregate, I think we should give ourselves credit for being a pretty diverse show.”

— Executive Producer Dante DiLoreto, Glee Comic Con Panel, 14 July 2012

"Falchuk reinforced this notion, saying that no one at Fox is demanding less gay kissing."

— Executive Producer & writer Brad Falchuk,, Comic Con, 14 July 2012

You know, we might buy this line of spin if Kurt & Blaine hadn’t been the only ones excluded. And if the boys had in fact been ‘coming next week’ to have their kiss in the season finale. Oddly, it was Rachel & Finn [again] who kissed, along with Quinn & Puck [not a couple]. So.

Also…Glee managed 17 episodes straight in which Kurt & Blaine didn’t kiss but it’s not “exclusionary”? Alrighty then.

But credit where credit is due. Glee is a very diverse show. We’ve seen straight couples kissing in almost every conceivable situation and location, yes? Take it away for the GEP, Santana!

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