Changing the conversation

Ryan Murphy, creator and executive producer of Glee, launched himself onto twitter 30th July and into a charm offensive. 2nd August, all the hard work, dedication, passion and generosity of the Box Scene organisers and supporters paid off when Murphy released the Kurt & Blaine box scene. Our sincere congratulations: that was earned and richly deserved. Murphy also released what he called Santana’s “coming out scene,” which we believe should never have been cut from the episode for which it was filmed.

The steady stream of deleted scenes, behind the scenes pics, spoilers and positive noises about Klaine and Brittana, and about the passion of Klaine and Brittana fans, has quite successfully changed the conversation. Props to Murphy and FOX for their PR response to widespread fan discontent.

Our questions and concerns about Glee’s glaring double standard have been heard. We think that much is clear. 3 of the 6 deleted scenes released to date by Murphy have featured Santana & Brittany, Kurt & Blaine. What we don’t yet know is if we’ve been listened to.

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